Lee Stephens Completes 2016 Ironman Texas

Lee traveled down the Woodlands just outside Houston, TX for the 2016 Irinman Texas on May 14. He new going it that even though he’d be competing in an Ironman event that the bike course would only be 94 miles compared to the standard 112 miles. What he didn’t expect was the torrential thunderstorm that would cause roads to be flooded and for him to get held up at a timing mat while on the run as part of their emergency management plan. Despite all the unfavorable circumstances Lee completed Ironman Texas with a time of 12:39:20. Way to go Lee!

For his complete results go to http://www.ironman.com/triathlon/coverage/athlete-tracker.aspx?race=texas&y=2016#axzz4C5MkaHa2

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